1. All instructors must be approved by the National Buddhist Committee on Scouting before an application is given to a Scout applicant. Approval of qualifications is based on information submitted in the Instructor’s Application supplied by the Committee.

2. To qualify as an Instructor you must be an ordained Buddhist clergy or layperson recommended by an ordained Buddhist clergy. Exceptions may be considered and approved by the Committee.

3. To be mindful of the needs of all Buddhist denominations and sects: Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana, instructors should modify the requirements to serve the needs of the Scout’s individual traditions and practices.

  • If the requirements are modified, please inform the committee so we can learn from your experience and know how to advise future students and instructors should a similar situation occur.
  • Please keep the spirit of the requirement in mind when formulating changes.

4. Scouts who are not members of a Buddhist temple should try to find one nearby to learn about temple etiquette, structure, administration, etc. and to attend services.

5. Scouts who live in areas where there is no accessible temple should use their own personal altars/sacred spaces to do services, practice etiquette, etc. They should also look for opportunities to visit temples in other cities whenever possible so they can participate in sharing the Dharma with a formal Sangha.

6. Students should to keep a record of their progress in a notebook or folder.