Frequently Asked Questions

  • Must the applicant be a practicing Buddhist and/or be registered in a Buddhist sponsored Troop, Pack or Camp Fire unit?

    No. Any registered Scout or Camp Fire youth may apply to earn a Buddhist religious award. (Note: There are no awards for Tiger Scouts or Daisy Girl Scouts)

  • Is there an official website for Buddhist religious awards offered by the Boy Scouts of America?

    Yes, please visit Boy Scouts of America. logo_exlink

  • Is there a registration fee?

    Yes. A $25.00 fee to cover the cost of any material and shipping as well as a personalized Certificate of Completion and a medal or pin.

  • How do I apply?

    Three basic steps:

    1. Email the National Buddhist Committee on Scouting ( ) with a request for information about the Buddhist Religious Award you are interested in.
    2. The Committee will send back an information sheet and an Instructor’s Application. The applicant must find a qualified instructor and submit the Instructor’s Application for approval by the Committee. Qualifications are within the Information sheet. Only after the instructor is approved will the course material be sent to the instructor and an application form for the Scout will be sent back to you.
    3. Mail back the application with the registration fee and you may begin the course. 

  • Who can teach the courses?

    The instructor must be an ordained Buddhist clergy or a layperson recommended by an ordained Buddhist clergy and must be approved by the Committee before instruction commences. The Committee will send the instructor the basic requirements that are to be covered. The Committee encourages all instructors to include traditions and practices specific to their own sect or denomination. We realize that in many areas in the United States finding a qualified instructor might be difficult. We will try our best to assist you, but it is ultimately the applicant’s responsibility to find a qualified instructor.

    Presently we offer an alternate course for the Cub Scout Metta Award program only, an online Facebook course administered by a ministerial advisor of the NBCS.

  • How long does it take to earn an award?

    Each award has different requirements. These are the suggested times:
    Boy Scouts:
    • Metta Award(Cub Scouts), 12 hours.
    • Sangha Award (Boy Scouts), 72 hours over a 2 year period.

    Girl Scouts:
    • Brownie Padma Award, 6 hours over 60 days.
    • Junior Padma Award, 16 hours over 4-6 months.
    • Cadette Padma Award, 30 hours over 1 year period
    • Senior Padma Award, 30 hours over a 1 year period.

  • Are all denominations and sects of Buddhism administered by the National Buddhist Committee on Scouting?

    Yes. The Committee is the official administrator for all Buddhist religious awards authorized by the BSA, GSUSA and Camp Fire USA. The requirements for each award may be modified by the individual instructor to conform to the specific practices and traditions of each sect or denomination.

  • How do I get further detailed information on official Buddhist Religious Awards for Scouts and Campfire youth?

    Email your requests to the National Buddhist Committee on Scouting at and it will be forward to a representative of the Committee.