The Purpose

The Metta Award Program is designed to help Cub Scouts of Buddhist faith to deepen their faith and to further their knowledge and practice of the Buddhist Teachings.

The word “Metta” is a Buddhist term meaning loving kindness and goodwill. This word is selected as the name for the Cub Scout religious award with the hope of nurturing boys who will relate to all animate and inanimate things with loving kindness and goodwill in their hearts.

This program will provide an opportunity for those participating in the program to relate closely with their parents and ministers on the subject of their faith.

The Boy Scouts of America has authorized the Metta Award to be worn on the Official Uniform centered above the flap of the left breast pocket.

The Metta Medal

The Metta Medal consists of a pendant representing the Buddhist Wheel of Dharma attached to a bar with the word “Metta”. The Wheel of Dharma is the accepted symbol of the Buddhist and Buddhism.

Eligibility for the Metta Award

Any registered Cub Scout is eligible to participate in the Metta Award program. He must have been in Cub Scouting at least three months before starting on this program.   (Although the Metta Award is primarily meant for the Cub Scouts of Buddhist faith, a non-Buddhist may participate in the program provided permission is granted by his parent.)

How to Earn the Metta Award

  1. Reach an understanding with your parents on your choice to participate in the Metta Award program.
  1. The Metta Award program is requires approximately 12 hours of instruction.
  1. The course must be administered by an instructor that is an ordained Buddhist clergy or a lay leader recommended by a clergy and approved by the National Buddhist Committee on Scouting. An Instructor’s Application may be requested.

If you do not have access to a Buddhist clergy, we offer an online Facebook course, administered by our Committee ministerial advisors.

  1. Upon approval of the Instructor, the Scout will receive an application. The Metta Award application, together with the appropriate registration fee is sent back to the BCA National Buddhist Committee on Scouting. In return, the Scout will receive a workbook, specific to his denomination.
  1. Upon final completion of the course, the clergy or lay leader will review the Scout’s achievements and submit a Completion Form back to the Committee. A personalized certificate will be created and sent to the Scout with the Metta Award Medal.


The Boy Scouts of America, through the National Religious Relationship Task Force Committee, authorizes the National Buddhist Committee on Scouting as the sole administrator of the Buddhist Sangha Award Program.

For further information, contact the Chairman of the National Buddhist Committee on Scouting at