Goals & Purpose

The Bodhi Award is the Buddhist Adult Recognition Award administered by the National Buddhist Committee on Scouting. The purpose of the award is to recognize adults who have demonstrated the highest level of dedication, commitment and self-sacrifice to the spiritual development of Buddhist members of the Boy Scouts of America, Girls Scouts of the United States of America and Camp Fire USA organizations. It is not intended to honor an individual for personal accomplishments or achievements but rather recognize the individual for the sacrifice of personal interest and pursuits for the benefit of the youth. In recognizing the dedicated service and personal sacrifice of an adult symbolizes the appreciation and gratitude of the Buddhist community for the Dana of the recipient.

Requirements (Nominee Qualifications)

The recipient of the Bodhi Award should exhibit exemplary character and conduct. The award is presented to an adult who has made an outstanding contribution to the Buddhist Boy Scout, Girl Scout or Camp Fire programs. The award may be presented to clergy, Buddhist/non-Buddhist laypersons and adult leaders who have contributed to the propagation of Buddhism and/or have performed dedicated service to the Temple/church and to the youth program. It is recommended that the nominee have at least five or more years of outstanding service. It is also recommended that the candidate is or was registered with the respective Scouting organization, but is not mandatory. A letter supporting the nominee from the leader of the sponsoring organization and approval of the nominee by the local Scouting executive is required. Self-nomination or nomination by the spouse or significant other will not be accepted. The fee for the award process is $25.00, which includes a lapel pin, certificate of recognition and shipping charges.

Examples of Candidate Criteria

The following are some examples possible candidate criteria for adult recognition. These are offered only as suggestions, but are indicative of what the Selection Committee may be looking for.

• Renders noteworthy service to youth. The nature and value of “noteworthy service to youth” should consist of the nominee’s contribution in rendering outstanding service beyond the expectations of duty.
• Promotes the Religious Award programs for Buddhist boys and girls. Encourages non-Buddhists to participate in the Religious Award programs of their own faith.
• Gives notable service in promoting Buddhist activities and service projects for the Temple/church and shows willingness to serve on affiliated committees.
• Participates in activities which contribute to spiritual development of Buddhist members, e.g. Camporee weekends, Boy Scout, Girl Scout or Camp Fire Sunday observances, etc.
• Fosters good relationship with the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts or Camp Fire Council and is capable of interpreting Buddhist programs to Council members.
• Gives notable service in initiating Boy Scout, Girl Scout or Camp Fire programs under Buddhist sponsorship.
• Through Buddhist and other communication media, helps clergy and lay persons ha a better understanding of the goals and ideals of the Boy Scout, Girl Scout or Camp Fire programs.

Note: The nominations process is confidential to avoid possible disappointment. Please do not advise the nominee in any way of your action in his/her behalf. Do not send fee. The fee is only required if the nominee is selected.


The Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of the United States of America and the Campfire USA authorizes the National Buddhist Committee on Scouting as the sole administrator of the Bodhi Award. For further information, contact the Chairman of the National Buddhist Committee on Scouting at bcascoutinginfo@gmail.com.